Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mapping for Results

At the end of April, during the World Bank annual meetings the World Bank launched their new Mapping for Results platform. The initiative visualizes the location of World Bank projects to better monitor project and impact on people; to enhance transparency and social accountability; and to enable citizens and other stakeholders to provide direct feedback. 

All 79 IDA countries, the lowest income nations, are included with the geographic locations of projects, financing, and sector identification such as water, transportation, governance, etc. There are also indicator data including maternal health, infant mortality, malnutrition, poverty, and population. The tool is meant to openly share and visualize the operations of World Bank financed activities down to as local a level as possible and compare these with actual need and monitor the effects over time.

Country managements, Project leads, Academics, Governments, other Multi-national Organizations, and most importantly citizens and communities can for the first time actively investigate and understand where the World Bank is working in order to provide feedback and guidance.

The Mapping for Results Platform (link here) provides detailed information about our work to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development around the world. This pilot website aims to visualize the location of our projects and to provide access to information about indicators, sectors, funding and results.

Prior to the Spring Meetings 2011, Mapping for Results has identified more than 1250 active Bank financed activities working in 16,520 locations. These activities are a subset of more than 2,500 active financed Bank activities with a volume of more than $160 billion.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Conclusion of ISPI IDEAS Committee

Dear IDEAS Colleagues,

During the final meeting of the 2010-2011 ISPI Board of Directors in mid April, the decision was taken to conclude the work of several committees within ISPI. One of these is our IDEAS group. As I understand it, the board decided that with limited staff resources and the more narrow sector focus of our team, that it would probably be more in the interests of the Society for us to consider re-grouping as either a "special interest group (SIG)" or perhaps a virtual chapter like the Armed Forces.

I appreciate greatly all the energy and efforts that you have put forth as individuals during the past year since our charter was established last April. Although we did not accomplish all that we hoped, we were successful to define an international development research agenda that should continue independently. Although we only began to open some doors within USAID and other donor agencies, we were greatly successful to strengthen the awareness within ISPI membership of both the opportunities and challenges of working in this arena.

If there is an interest in transforming this group into another working form, I will certainly be involved. However, at this time, it will be necessary for someone else to take on the leadership responsibilities.

Once again, I appreciate the volunteer support that you all have provided me during this time, and look forward to continued collaboration in the years moving forward. I encourage each of you to consider other volunteer contributions to the Society as a means to further your development and build a professional network.

M. Mari Novak C.P.T.

KNO Worldwide