Monday, June 27, 2011

Progress on the G20 Development Working Group Agenda

The Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth, a long-term growth and development agenda was adopted by the G-20 in Cannes last year (linked here). The aim of the G-20 framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth is to encourage G-20 countries to implement coherent medium-term policy frameworks in order to attain a mutually beneficial growth path and avoid future crises.

It contains nine pillars:

1. Financing infrastructure

2. Human resource development

3. Trade

4. Private investment and job creation

5. Food security

6. Growth with resilience

7. Financial inclusion

8. Domestic resource mobilization

9. Knowledge sharing

G-20 Development Working Group (DWG) ongoing discussions focus on delivering against the action points from the Cannes summit in November, however for 2012 there will be a need to follow up and prioritize the nine pillars.

Recently, Overseas Development Institute's analyst Dirk Willem te Velde, head of the ODI Investment and Growth Program, has written a short update of progress on the 9 pillars. He sees progress in the 9 areas as very uneven, and suggests a new 10th pillar focusing on natural resource management. 

Read his critique linked here.

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