Monday, March 31, 2014

Successful Conclusion of Strategic Project with Georgian State Electrosystem

The end of March brings to the conclusion an 18 month assignment to provide strategic and operational support to the Republic of Georgia electric transmission company.  

This was a joint project by KNO and PMCG funded by the USAID HICD PLUS program.  Mari Novak, KNO partner led the local PMCG professional team in both the assessment and technical assistance phases.  The project focused initially on high level indicators to drive the strategic plan across the company.   Later interventions included analysis of critical work processes, change management tactics, business case approaches to investment decisions, operation procedures and project management skills.

M Mari Novak
The short USAID produced video below primarily focuses on building the capacity of Georgian consultants such as Mari accomplished with the PMCG staff. As well it provides a short overview to the GSE effort from the management viewpoint.