Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sustaining Best-practice International Capacity Development with Human Performance Technology

KNO partners Steven J. Kelly and M Mari Novak, along with colleague Patrick C. Coughlin have just issued a white paper focusing on the impact of human performance technology (HPT) methods on strengthening international capacity development. 

HPT is a systemic approach to improving productivity and competence, using a research validated set of methods and procedures -- and a strategy for solving problems -- for realizing opportunities related to the performance of people and institutions.  

An abstract is below and the short paper linked here.


In 2006, OECD-DAC issued a set of best practices in Capacity Development. Since then, Human Performance Technology (HPT) has been able to successfully support their implementation via shared principles. These principles focus on a systemic and systematic approach to performance improvement along the organization and its enabling environment, work processes and workers. This paper explores both why and how HPT is flourishing as the methodology of choice within the current and future Capacity Development environment. This future will feature leaner donor aid budgets and ever more complicated theoretical frameworks, which may detract practitioners away from tested shared principles. This paper reaffirms the validity of those principles.


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