Friday, February 25, 2011

IDEAS Annual Report 2010 - 2011

TO: ISPI Board of Directors

Committee Name: IDEAS Influencing Donor Effectiveness

Chair: M Mari Novak
Deputy Chair: James Ellsworth

Committee Members:
• Brown, Matt
• Carew, Kevin
• Carr, Wendy
• Chevalier, Roger
• Coughlin, Patrick
• Duffy, Andrew
• Fickling, Susan
• Held, Larry
• Hill, Jim
• Honeyman, Steven
• Kelly, Steven
• Mayerchak, Martin
• Morse, Jessica (intern)
• Schwartz, George
• Spilka, Samantha
• Watkins, Ryan
• West-Meier, Maurya
• Wittkuhn, Klaus


The ISPI board is promoting growth and expansion in the
International arena. The focus of the committee is to develop focus society energies to educate and influence the use of HPT among the government and NGO agencies involved in transitioning society development. This will include:

1. Position PI as a preferred methodology for achieving improvement of multilevel results and sustainability in global international development efforts.

2. Research and publicize PI effectiveness and success in the international development context and environment.

3. Engage donor agencies HQ and field leadership in using ISPI member expertise in designing and implementing programs.

4. Increase numbers of aid/development professionals (worldwide) as ISPI members and CPTs.

5. Develop ISPI and member capabilities in delivering PI results in developing and transitioning societies.

6. Market ISPI services in donor organizations and clients in HPT/HICD projects.

Summary of Accomplishments:

  • Transition of TF into standing committee
  • Expansion of committee to 20 people from 5
  • Formation and action within 4 task areas
  • Donor Agency HPT Value White Paper drafted
  • Research agenda and plan completed / started
  • Intern assigned (grant through George Washington University) and started on research
  • Analysis of value of specialized certification started (ongoing)
  • List of primary donor agencies / contacts started
  • Introductory meetings with USAID management held
  • IDEAS blog created and maintained (60 posts and reference sources)

Future Challenges:

  • Fulfilling the research agenda (interns and volunteers)
  • Finding entry points to agencies and educating key decision-makers (further identifying key donor staff)
  • Integrating the research findings into the overall ISPI research program and portal

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