Thursday, March 10, 2011

1st Quarter Update

This is an update on committee progress prior to the ISPI conference next month.  It has been a relatively quiet since the new year, but there has been movement in several areas:

Research -  This effort is off to a good start with Jessica Morse (an intern through George Washington University under the direction of Ryan Watkins) having created a reporting template.  She has started analysis of publicly available reports.  Ryan has indicated that another grant has been submitted for two more interns.  If successful, this will allow for another graduate student to analyze reports and one to work on constructing a search-able online database.

Journal Issue -  It has been suggested that the IDEAS committee work with the Performance Improvement Journal editor to organize an issue focused directly on international development successes and challenges.   If approved, this would likely include 6 – 8 articles drawn from both committee members and other interested authors.  Lead time is close to a year on this (publication next Spring).  To move forward we need to have a “guest editor” to manage the process and also insure that we have interested authors to write up the paper.  PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST TO TAKE ON THE ROLE OF EDITOR FOR THIS or would like to submit a paper.

Orlando Conference Meeting -  For those of you coming to the ISPI conference in Orlando, I think it will be useful to find a time to meet during the event.  Make I ask you to please RSVP back to me if you will be at the conference – if no RSVP I will assume you will not be there.  Meanwhile, I will take a look at the schedule and try to find a time/place for an hour meeting.  

Chairperson Transition -  After 2 years leading the task force and committee start-up, I am handing the Chair over to Jim Ellsworth (with Board approval) to take on the 2011-2012 cycle.  Jim is looking for a deputy to help move things forward.  Please contact us if you have a potential interest in this role that could lead to the Chair position in the future.

In summary, I request three actions in response to this update:
Please indicate whether you would have an interest either to be an editor or contribute an article for a PIJ special issue.
*  Please contact Jim or me if you would like to move into the role of the Deputy Chair.
*  Please RSVP to me if you are attending the Orlando conference.

All the best to everyone.  Thanks for the wonderful support the past year as we have gotten this off the ground.  Mari

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